Friday Night fish fry is a special time. With servings of well fried and delicious tasting catfish and mouth watering whiting. The atmosphere is enhanced with great music played by DJ Wes Smooth.

Do you have an event coming up but have no clue on what food to cater? Choose us for your next event! We cater to any home or business in the Minneapolis area and prepare the best Southern foods for you and your companions to enjoy! Our menu has a variety of dishes to choose from, from candied yams and collard green to meatloaf and jerk chicken. Enjoy the authentic taste of southern dishes. 1/2 Pan Mac & cheese 35.***Pan mac & Cheese 55*** 1/2 Pan Greens/ Turkey 45. *** Pan Greens/Turkey 75 ***1/2 pan veggie Greens 40.*** Pan Veggie greens 65.***1/2 Pan Candied Yams 30.***Pan Candied Yams 55.*** 1/2 Pan Cabbage 40.*** Pan Cabbage 65.*** 1/2 Pan Green Beans 35.***1/2 Pan Spaghetti 30.***1/2 Pan Jerk Spaghetti 35.***1/2 Pan Rice & Beans 40.***1/2 Pan Black Eye Peas 35.***1/2 Pan Mash Potatoes/Gravy 35.***1/2 Pan Meat Loaf 2 loaves 45.***1/2 Pan Smothered Wings 35.***1/2 Pan Fry wings 50.***Pan Fry Wings 100.***1/2 Pan Jerk Chicken 45.***Pan Jerk Chicken 65.*** 1/2 Pan BBQ Chicken 40.***Pan BBQ Chicken 60.*** 1/2 Pan Corn Bread 25.***Pan Corn Bread 35.*** 1/2 Pan Hot Wings 35.*** 1/2 Pan white Rice 25.

We have music, sound system and a warm and cozy atmosphere for any special occasion. Wedding receptions, graduations, family reunions, re passes, engagements, birthday parties, anniversaries etc. we can help to make your occasion fun.

Where can you find a Soul Food Buffet.? Well that is what we are. all you can eat lunch buffet for 14.95 and dinner 16.95.Lunch starts at noon and dinner at 3.00pm

Yes you can order off the menu. if you don't want the buffet you are welcome to order off the menu.

Having a family dinner? Dine in today and let us help you enjoy a night with the family. Our staff proudly serves your favorite traditional Southern dishes to your dinner table with kind service and a welcoming personality. As a family friendly restaurant, our mission is to make you feel like a part of the family with entertaining music, tasty food and a restaurant experience you won't forget!

Mama Sheila's Has the perfect atmosphere for your special occasion